Amusement at Europa Park

Larissa and I spent the day riding roller coasters and enjoying the sights of the different countries represented here. This is the largest amusement park in all of Germany.
Oberlenningen_Freiburg 118

Oberlenningen_Freiburg 123

Oberlenningen_Freiburg 124

Oberlenningen_Freiburg 168

Oberlenningen_Freiburg 149

Oberlenningen_Freiburg 155

Oberlenningen_Freiburg 157

Oberlenningen_Freiburg 166

Oberlenningen_Freiburg 187

If you travel with your kids. This would be a great stop for them. Have extra clothes handy – lots of water rides at this park.

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Fun in Freiburg

Visiting Larissa in Freiburg.
Andrea_Oberlenningen_Freiburg 029

Freiburg is a University city. Larissa attends classes on the 5th floor. She is studying to be a journalist.
Oberlenningen_Freiburg 110 Andrea_Oberlenningen_Freiburg 024

Went to a Biergarten with Larissa and Andrea. The weather was fantastic. We watched the moon rise – spectacular full moon too.
Andrea_Oberlenningen_Freiburg 055 Andrea_Oberlenningen_Freiburg 056

More views on our way to the Biergarten.
Andrea_Oberlenningen_Freiburg 046 Andrea_Oberlenningen_Freiburg 043

Our apartment in Boetzingen (small village outside of Freiburg). It was cheaper to rent an apartment outside of Freiburg. Only 35 Euros a night for 2 people.
Oberlenningen_Freiburg 097 Oberlenningen_Freiburg 098 Oberlenningen_Freiburg 099 Oberlenningen_Freiburg 100

Freiburg is another city with a Muenster. The stained glass windows were amazing to see. I’m hoping I will be inspired to design a quilt from these.
Oberlenningen_Freiburg 213 Oberlenningen_Freiburg 201 Oberlenningen_Freiburg 203

Market day at the Muenster in Freiburg. People came out inspite of the rain and cold.
Oberlenningen_Freiburg 217 Oberlenningen_Freiburg 224 Oberlenningen_Freiburg 236

After going to the market we went back to the apartment and played games. We laughed, we cried (losing) in the end we had a great time inspite of the weather and Andrea winning (naturally, lol). “I’m Sorry” Pictured: Larissa, Sonja, and Andrea.
Iphones_frieburg_2013 004 Iphones_frieburg_2013 005

Andrea made a fantastic meal with the renowned white asparagus the first of the season. Yummy!!!
Oberlenningen_Freiburg 195

The view from our apartment balcony.
Oberlenningen_Freiburg 111

Travel Tip: Whenever possible rent an apartment outside of the major city you would like to visit. It will be cheaper, quieter, and more spacious. You may even get a great view too. Also, you will more than likely not have to worry about driving and parking – take the public transportation.

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Ancestors in Oberlenningen

Most of you know I’ve done a lot of family research trying to find out more about my roots. Last year I was blessed to meet my Tofflemire family (my moms dads side) at their annual reunion in Oregon. There I learned that David Tafelmeyer is the first known ancestor recorded to our knowledge. He was born in Oberlenningen, Germany.
Oberlenningen_Freiburg 003

This is the church where he was baptized there, married, and buried at the church in this little village.
Oberlenningen_Freiburg 066

The stone walls are over 500 years old.
Oberlenningen_Freiburg 079

The front and back view of inside the church. The church was renovated at least 3 times. The small window is the only original window left.
Oberlenningen_Freiburg 009 Oberlenningen_Freiburg 031 Oberlenningen_Freiburg 014

This is one of the items left within the church that David and his family would have seen used.This wood carving pew was created in the late 1500’s for those that had prestigious status.
Oberlenningen_Freiburg 019

“Blooming Cross” The Priest would take this cross with him as he traveled for home visits. The half moon at the bottom is representation of the “darkness” the leaves represent the “life” that came out of the darkness.
Oberlenningen_Freiburg 030

David and other ancestors are buried somewhere here around the church. Only a handful of headstones are remaining, unfortunately David’s not one of them.
Oberlenningen_Freiburg 040 Oberlenningen_Freiburg 049

The Village’s Schloss (castle).
Oberlenningen_Freiburg 069

Oberlenningen_Freiburg 081

Oberlennigen’s current Rathaus. David’s sons helped build the village’s first Rathaus. It is no longer existing because of a fire.
Oberlenningen_Freiburg 055

Herr Preissler and I. Herr Preissler did the research on my family and gave us a personal tour.
Oberlenningen_Freiburg 076

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Life in Ulm

The Benz Family home – my home for the past month, 🙂
Germany 2013 day 2_3 114

Andrea had a request for me: to make a curtain for her bedroom. We had a great time picking out material from this little fabric shop in the middle of nowhere.
Germany 4_5_6 2013 001 Germany 4_5_6 2013 006

The finished product.
Germany day 10_13_2012 045

I attended a language class for 9 days at Inlingua. I met some great people from all over the world -Vanessa, Lidia, Nadia, Sebastian, Dameon, and Emma (pictured). Argentina, Spain, Bosnia, Canada, Saudia Arabia, China, and Korea are some of the places the students were from that I had the privilege of meeting.
Germany 13_14_2013 015 Germany_Osnabruck_2013 001

Lunch with Emma. Emma moved to Germany with her husband just 2 months ago from Canada. I had the privilege of getting to know her and introducing her to Andrea (mom away from mom).
Emma_Muenster 004

Gas prices. Keep in mind this price is per liter, 4 liters make 1 gallon. So 1.64.9/liter * 4 = 6.59 Euros a gallon. Also, right now 1 Euro = $1.30 US dollars – $1.30 *6.59E = $8.57 US dollars for one gallon of gas in Germany.
Germany 2013 day 2_3 115

Germany is also having a problem with fast food chains including KFC.
Germany 2013 day 2_3 122

Card night with the ladies. Andrea and these lovely ladies have been friends for over 20 years. All their families are friends and they vacation together. On May 1st we are going on their annual hike – this year it is 10km starting in Roggenburger.
Germany 4_5_6 2013 078

The Q-Muh is one of my favorite restaraunts – the food is great and the waitress is very kind. Even though she spoke english she graciously allowed me to struggle through my broken German.
Germany day 10_13_2012 006

Using the bus system – every 10 min. you just needed to know which line and stop. The #5 was my bus line that I took each day for class and to just go to the market platz.

Germany day 10_13_2012 007 Germany day 10_13_2012 009

Worth visiting this cafe again, food is very tasty.
Germany day 10_13_2012 110 Germany day 10_13_2012 112

Spent several hours at this fantastic piece of paradise.
Germany 13_14_2013 024

Travel Tips:

1.When you travel abroad be sure to ask the Gasthaus keepers, hostile owners,  if towels and sheets are included. Some places especially those that are along the hiking paths do not supply them. Also, if you go to a place such as Therme be sure to bring a towel, body wash (you have to take a shower before getting into the pool), and a robe (recommended if you spend all day).

2. Bus passes. If you plan on staying in one area for majority of your stay, look into getting a bus pass for that period of time. It is cheaper and less frustrating to get the right amount of money out each time. You can get these passes at the train station. Also, bring along a plastic sleeve so when you are asked to show it, it is easy find in a hurry.
bus pass 001

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Visiting Family in Osnabrueck

The Engel Family -Aunt Eleanor, Cousin Thomas, Anya (wife of Thomas), Machell, Cousin Andrea, and Uncle Hans
Andreas_Osnabruck_2013 016

A typical German breakfast. Meat, cheese, fruit, veggies, eggs, and lots of bread. Yummy!!!
Andreas_Osnabruck_2013 015

Catholic Church – they have a courtyard that is a cemetery for the former Priests.
Germany_Osnabruck_2013 022

This is the court house where all couples go to get married before they are married within a church. Andrea and Otto were married here.
Germany_Osnabruck_2013 034

One couple just came out and started having pictures done with the church next door as their backdrop before heading to their wedding.
Germany_Osnabruck_2013 087

Leysieffer – a cafe that is famous for its delicious food and yummy desserts.
Germany_Osnabruck_2013 045

Germany_Osnabruck_2013 047

No matter where I am at in the world this will always be one of my favorite places to be- a fabric store.
Andreas_Osnabruck_2013 002

Osnabrueck’s market on Saturday morning.
Germany_Osnabruck_2013 073

Okay Zachary here is the bike for you along with the side-kick car, :-).
Germany_Osnabruck_2013 109

Natalie (second cousin) and Andrea before our dinner out at a chinese restaraunt.
Germany_Osnabruck_2013 061

I was able to order Chicken Fried rice and get exactly what I thought I order – so excited- all auf Deutsch too. Not too shabby.
Germany_Osnabruck_2013 052

Stopped at this little Village- Melsungen, on our way back to Ulm. They were able to preserve the way it was from the 1500’s.
Andreas_Osnabruck_2013 044

This is a cafe we had Kaffee und Kuchen at for our afternoon break.
Andreas_Osnabruck_2013 034

Andreas_Osnabruck_2013 039

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Two Concerts in Ulm

On Tuesday April 16 right before a Klassische Konzert Andrea and I went for a walk down at the Danube (Donau). It’s one of the locals favorite places to walk. Behind us, the building in the middle (between the white and yellow) is the one she works in, in Neu-Ulm.
Germany_concerts 2013 007

Germany_concerts 2013 010

I was surprised to learn that the Conductor does not use a script for most of the pieces.
Germany_concerts 2013 038

This was the program for the evening. Loved the peices.
Germany_concerts 2013 055

This young man is only 26 and played the piece by memory. AMAZING!!!!
Germany_concerts 2013 041

The orchestra sounded as if it was one instrument playing. Fantastic. I am very thankful I had the privilege of attending.
Germany_concerts 2013 057

On April 17th – Joe Cocker – Fire It Up concert. He sang for nearly 2 hours straight. I also really enjoyed the band who opened for him- Joannes Oerding. Great German Pop songs.
Germany_concerts 2013 104

Germany_concerts 2013 113

Germany_concerts 2013 144

Germany_concerts 2013 149

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A Sunday Trip to Tuebingen

Tuebingen is a University city in Germany and is mentioned throughout my American “Deutsch Heute” textbook. Andrea was excited to take a trip there because this is the city where she studied at. What a treat it is to take something you see and read about in a book and look at in person!

On our way to Tuebingen we made a short stop in Blaubeuren to see where the Blau begins. The Blau is a river running through Ulm. The city also uses it to make energy to help run the city.
Germany_Tubingen 2013 160

Tuebingen’s Rathaus (City Hall)
Germany_Andrea 2013 074

Zenturm (center)
Germany_Andrea 2013 077

Schloss (castle) that was donated to the University in the late 1800’s.
Germany_Andrea 2013 109

One of many walk ways through out the Schloss.
Germany_Andrea 2013 103

The home with the yellow tower is where the famous Freidrich Hoelderlin a poet lived after he studied at the University in the early 1800’s.
Germany_Andrea 2013 122

Such a beautiful day – everyone was outside enjoy the 25 degree C (77 degrees F) weather on the Neckar.
Germany_Andrea 2013 123

I’m pretty sure this is one of the best Eis (ice cream) cafe’s -hmmm… could it be the long line that gave it away?
Germany_Andrea 2013 128

Germany_Tubingen 2013 190

The Engel Family has family connections to this lady -Ottilie Wildermuth.
Germany_Andrea 2013 110

And of course what is a day trip without Kaffee und Kuchen?
Germany_Andrea 2013 069

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Market at the Muenster

Every Wed. and Sat. most get their fresh meats, cheeses, breads, vegetables, and flowers for the week (esp. for Sundays and holidays because nothing is open on those days- except for Cafe’s and restaraunts) at the market.
Germany day 10_13_2012 062

Germany day 10_13_2012 106

These bells ring at noon – so fun to hear.
Germany day 10_13_2012 079

A water fountain where the villagers use to get water for their home, now its a nice water feature to listen to while having Kaffee und Kuchen.
Germany day 10_13_2012 074

Germany day 10_13_2012 058

Germany day 10_13_2012 102

Germany day 10_13_2012 103

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Staying Busy in Deutschland

Am Dienstag (On Tuesday) helped Sonja move into her dorm in Ludwigsburg
Germany 2013 day 2_3 123

Am Donnerstag Morgen (On Thursday morning -April 4) Andrea and I went shopping in the city.
Germany 4_5_6 2013 027

Kaffee und Kuchen in the Stadt Haus (City House)
Germany 4_5_6 2013 023

Ulm is known for its Sparrow Folk tale –
When the Muenster was being built a Sparrow showed the people how to get the materials into the church through small spaces.
Germany 4_5_6 2013 028

Sparrow from the Jewelry shop
Germany 4_5_6 2013 036

I made my first German Pfannkuchen (pancake)
Germany 4_5_6 2013 041

Here is the Pfannkuchen mit apfelmus (pancake with apple sauce)
Germany 4_5_6 2013 042

On Freitag (Friday) we went to the Textile Museum in Augsburg, Germany. This building was built in 1890 and used to house the industrial machines for producing textiles. A “surprising” note: Men made up the “Guild” while the women did the work.
Germany 4_5_6 2013 073

Germany 4_5_6 2013 051

Germany 4_5_6 2013 053

A cotton comb was used to thin out the cotton so that it could be spun into thread.
Germany 4_5_6 2013 059

One of the first looms
Germany 4_5_6 2013 062

And of course after so much intellectual input-what is a trip with out Kaffee und Kuchen?
Germany 4_5_6 2013 072

On Samstag Morgen (Saturday morning) went for a hike in Ulm’s Forest.
Kindergarten school in the forest, kids spend all day learning outside.
Germany 4_5_6 2013 095

Schnee (snow) was still on the ground – brrrrrr
Germany 4_5_6 2013 090

On Samstag Abend (Saturday evening) we went to the German NBA in Ulm –
Germany 4_5_6 2013 125

The Game was sold out – 6,000 fans came out to participate. The fans were very enthusiastic throughout the whole game.
Germany 4_5_6 2013 099

Most of the team is made up of American players. John Bryant is one of the most favored by the Germans. However, my favorite was Guenther who is German. He is short but very quick on his feet, made a lot of shots, and the team respected him.

The Ulm team won 104 to 77.
Germany 4_5_6 2013 123

Am Sonnetag nachmittag (On Sunday afternoon) We went in search of the Maerzen Becher (March Cup) Flowers. They are only in bloom for 2 weeks out of the whole year. We were blessed!!!
Germany March flower 2013 016

The Swabian Rocky Mountains – according to Otto. Pictured: Machell, Andrea, Sonja, und Otto
Germany March flower 2013 040

Again Schnee is still on the ground. Do not visit Germany in April if you do not like cold weather.
Germany March flower 2013 052

Germany March flower 2013 071

Unsere schokaladen seite (our chocolate side- a.k.a. our best side) Sonja und I
Germany March flower 2013 076

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Trip to Ravensburg & Friedrichshafen

On Monday we went to visit Otto’s family. On the way we stopped in Ravensburg. The newspaper company, Schwaebische Zeitung, Otto works for is in the process of moving its main branch to this new building.
Germany 2013 day 2_3 001

One of several look out towers.
Germany 2013 day 2_3 061

This Street is now called “Green Tower Street” before 1934 it was called “Jewish Street”
Germany 2013 day 2_3 002

Germany 2013 day 2_3 057

Most German streets are very narrow – It is very helpful to have a small car, that is for ease of parking.
Germany 2013 day 2_3 056

More pictures of Ravensburg market place which includes the Church in the middle of the fortress
Germany 2013 day 2_3 051

Germany 2013 day 2_3 048

Germany 2013 day 2_3 037

Ahhh a relaxing sidewalk water feature – Can you guess what it used to be?
Germany 2013 day 2_3 034

We arrived at the Benz’s family farm, they sale: Apples and Schnapps
Germany 2013 day 2_3 097

Germany 2013 day 2_3 100

The dining room of the farm house
Germany 2013 day 2_3 062

After our Coffee and Cake time (Kaffee und Kuchen zeit) Simon played many songs for the family including “When the Saints Go Marching” in my honor because of it being an ‘American’ song
Germany 2013 day 2_3 108

Both families took a trip to Lake Constance (Bodensee). Back Row: Harald, Otto, Andrea, Elke; Front Row: Machell, Simon, Sonja, Larissa, and Patrick.
Germany 2013 day 2_3 077

Germany 2013 day 2_3 093

In honor of my husband, Paul, I choose to have Stracciatella Eis (Chocolate chip ice cream), his favorite. While we walked the promenade a favorite past time for the Europeans even though all shops were closed (the Monday after Easter is considered a Holiday).
Germany 2013 day 2_3 069

Friedrichshafen is known for the “Zeppline” you can take a tour in one for the low cost of $200 euros per person for one half hour.
Germany 2013 day 2_3 064

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